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Your State

  how to get and claim your state pension, state pension age - for men born on or after women born on or after .

  always check with your state health department for the latest guidance.

You can claim your state pension even if you are still working. Normally, you should start to claim your state pension about four months before you reach your state pension age (spa), you will be sent a letter from the pension service telling you what to do. You dont have to take your state pension at your state pension age. You can put off taking it and this can increase the amount you will.

Your state pension forecast explained Which?

The estimate of what you can expect in terms of your state pension is based on your national insurance contributions, the number of full years youve accumulated and any additional state pension youve built up. Check your state pension is accessed using the government gateway. The results page will provide you with the following information.

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Your State

  your state pension will be calculated entirely under the new state pension rules.