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Trading As

Trading As

In canada, operating as (abbreviated to oa) and trading as are used, although doing business as is also sometimes used. A company typically uses a trade name to conduct business using a simpler name rather than using their formal and often lengthier name.

  when a company trades as a different name to their legal name (e. Is it legal to raise invoices using their trading name only? The situation you describe is covered by the disclosure rules of the business names act and companies act legislation.).

Trading as is just a different way to name the business not anything to do with the structure. To formally divide the business so that you can have equal shares etc. A limited company or limited partnership would probably be best.

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Trading As

  regarding the trading as issue, i cant think of any reason why you would not want to include these words for clarity. Posted apr 14, 2010 by mahutchinson member since mar 17, 2008 8.

An article for directors on limited company names looking at trading names, restricted names, trademarks and general advice around choosing a company name.

However from a tax perspective, trading as a ltd company does provide you with the ability to manage your tax liabilities more effectively. This can be quite a big advantage if you want to manage how much you pay the taxman. But putting the tax situation aside, weve listed below some of the pros and cons of trading as a ltd company.

Our company is called oxford kitchens ltd and yet another company has started trading as oxford kitchen studio ltd. Surely this is to be considered similar or the same as our trading name? Link to this comment. Replies to richard g hardie comment by gary townley posted on on 28 february 2019.

Choosing a company name, trading name or trade mark ...

  calibso limited trading as bluesky certification calibso limited trading as bluesky certification. Published 3 december 2020 from department for business, energy & industrial strategy.

Trading as synonyms, trading as pronunciation, trading as translation, english dictionary definition of trading as. Doing business as - a name under which a corporation conducts business that is not the legal name of the corporation as shown in its articles of.