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This Act O

This Act O

4 (l) mark includes a device, brand, heading, label, ticket, pictorial representation, name, signature, word, letter or numeral or any combination thereof (m) member means a member of the bureau (n) prescribed means prescribed by rules made under this act (o) process includes any practice, treatment and mode of manufacture of any article.

(n) defining words and phrases that are used but not defined in this act (o) respecting any matter the lieutenant governor in council considers necessary or advisable to carry out the purposes of this act. This act may be referred to as chapter t55 of the continuing consolidation of the statutes of manitoba.

R.A. 9258 LAWPHiL

This Act O

2126 was finally passed by the house of representatives and the senate on january 20, 2004 and february 19, 2004 respectively.

This Act O

O to be reported or notified to the appropriate medical officer (health) exists, occurred or is intended to occur assistant nurse rneansa who, having been admit- ,312005 ted to an assistant nursing programme authorized and s.

On issue of certificate of title fonner deeds to cease to have effect, and to be kept by registrar.

Lands shall be acquired and distributed as follows phase one o during the (5)-year extension period hereafter all remaining lands above fifty (50) hectares shall be covered for purposes of agrarian reform upon the effectivity of this act. O all private agricultural lands of landowners with aggregate landholdings in excess of fifty (50.).


Conferred or imposed upon himself or the executive officer by or under this act o r a scheme, he may authorize any person who is not an officer to exercise such powers or to perform such duties as the minister or the executive officer, as the case may be, may grant to or impose upon that person. 5 prohibition of the spreading of weeds (1) no person shall- (a) sell, agree to sell or offer.

Through its distribution system pursuant to the provisions of this act (o) distribution system refers to the system of wires and associated facilities belonging to a franchised distribution utility extending between the delivery points on the transmission or subtransmission system or generator connection and the point of connection to the premises of the end-user (p) distribution.

Company who has been granted a licence pursuant to the atomic energy act, 1962 for the operation of that installation (n) prescribed means prescribed by rules made under this act(o) preventive measures means any reasonable measures taken by a person after a nuclear incident has occurred to prevent or minimise damage referred to in.