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So There I

So There I

  this is travis jay vernon and welcome! To the so there i am. I have been spending time in the outdoors since i could walk. I started out catching frogs and insects, and then hunting with everything from a bb gun and archery gear, to chasing big game with a rifle. I have been an avid fisherman everywhere i have lived and traveled.

Used for emphasis, or to show that something is being done against someone elses wishes 2.

So there! (informal) (often said by children) used for emphasizing your satisfaction with something or for emphasizing a refusal, etc i got a better mark than you.

So There | Definition of So There by Merriam Webster

Also expresses agreement with another person that a place or event should be gone to.

So there definition is - used to say in a somewhat rude, angry, or childish way that one has stated ones opinion or decision and will not change it.

Phrase you can add so there to what you are saying to show that you will not change your mind about a decision you have made, even though the person you are talking to disagrees with you.