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The sale of goods or commodities in small quantities directly to consumers. Of, relating to, or engaged in the sale of goods or commodities at retail.

A retailer, or merchant, is an entity that sells goods such as clothing, groceries, or cars directly to consumers through various distribution channels with the goal of earning a profit.

Retailer definition of retailer by The Free Dictionary

A person, shop, or business that sells goods to the public 2.

Definition a retailer is a company that buys products from a manufacturer or wholesaler and sells them to end users or customers. In a sense, a retailer is an intermediary or middleman that customers use to get products from the manufacturers. What does retailer mean? The retail system has been in place forever.

What is a retailer? Basically, a retailer is any individual who operates their business either through a brick and mortar store or over an online ecommerce platform like shopify or bigcommerce. A retail transaction is usually complete once the buyer pays for the goods or services received. Big retailers such as amazon, walmart, tesco, and sainsburys are designed to display goods from.