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In The Can

In The Can

1 (informal) (especially about filmed or recorded material) finished and ready for use the next series is in the can and will be on tv next april. We finished the movie, its in the can, fantastic! (figurative) i dont need to worry about the job its in the can.

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The term or phrase that people say when theyre in a large amount of trouble. The people that are in the can on a regular basis are probably the biggest scum bags you know. Also if your friends are always in the can, than theres a good chance youll get dragged in every once in a while.

IN THE CAN | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

1 in the lavatory, as in he cant come to the phone hes in the can.

As part of the spoken language, this use of can is perfectly acceptable. This is especially true for negative questions, such as cant i have the car tonight? Probably because using maynt instead of cant sounds unnatural. While the distinction between can and may still has its adherents in formal usage, the number appears to be falling.

Phrase verb-link phrase if you say that something such as a job that you are doing is in the can, you mean that it is completely finished.

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In the can Idioms by The Free Dictionary

If a film is in the can, filming has finished and it is ready to be prepared for showing to the.

In the can in the poem, a prisoner describes life in a prison.