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I Repeat R

I Repeat R

If you receive medicine on repeat prescription, you can now use several apps and websites to order your repeats online. You can then collect your medicines from a pharmacy or have them delivered to your home (where available).

Infrared repeaters are a great addition to any home audio visual area. Wireless range extenders eliminate the clutter of wires and devices and allow the clutter of cable boxes, receivers and other television and stereo components to be hidden from view.

In this tutorial we will learn repeat and replicate function in r. Repeat function in r the repeat function(loop) in r executes a same block of code iteratively until a stop condition is met.

Repeat and Replicate function in R DataScience Made Simple

R - repeat loop - the repeat loop executes the same code again and again until a stop condition is met.

A repeat loop is used to iterate over a block of code multiple number of times. We must ourselves put a condition explicitly inside the body of the loop and use the break statement to exit the loop.

In r, you can combine a vector with itself if you want to repeat it, but if you want to repeat the values in a vector many times, using the c() function becomes a bit impractical. R makes life easier by offering you a function for repeating a vector rep().

I Repeat R

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I Repeat R

You now have a basic understanding of how to conduct a typical data analysis workflow in r. All that is left is to be able to write it up in such a way that others can not only understand what we did, but repeat it exactly on their own machines.