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A2 the mother of a persons father or mother both my grandmothers were from scotland. As form of address formal or old-fashioned sit down here, grandmother, and rest.

Grandmother (plural grandmothers) a mother of someones parent. Synonyms (mother of someones parent) see thesaurusgrandmother antonyms (with regard to gender) grandfather (with regard to ancestry) granddaughter, grandson, grandchild hypernyms.

(often capital) a familiar term of address for an old woman 4.

Grandmother | Definition of Grandmother at Dictionary.com

When a mothers child has their own children, that mother becomes a grandmother.

Grandmother definition is - the mother of ones father or mother. Recent examples on the web this all took place in western norway, where my grandmother is originally from. Scientific american, readers respond to the november 2020 issue, 24 feb. 2021 my grandmother was blind and made roughly 12,000 a year. Rakim brooks, fortune, im a black, first-generation ivy league graduate.