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Fossa is the most reliable open source management policy engine for security and compliance. Automated risk mitigation across the entire software supply chain.

  a relative of the mongoose, the fossa is unique to the forests of madagascar, an african island in the indian ocean.

The fossas body measures between 70 and 80cm long (27 to 31 inches), from the head to the base of the tail.

Fossa: the King of Madagascar YouTube

) a trench or channel in anatomy, a hollow or depressed area. Amygdaloid fossa the depression in which the tonsil is lodged. Cerebral fossa any of the depressions on the floor of the cranial cavity. Condylar fossa (condyloid fossa) either of two pits on the lateral portion of the occipital bone.

She has also helped the upcoming bbc natural history series madagascar film the creatures in the wild. Within the past three years, she has recorded a substantial fall in the numbers of fossa living in kirindy, a reserve within forests on the west of the island.

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  not a cat, not a monkey, not a ferret, madagascars fossa is a mysterious wonder. If youd like to support us on patreon, it would be greatly appreciated!

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The species name ferox is the latin adjective fierce or wild. Its common name is spelled fossa in english or fosa in malagasy, the austronesian language from which it was taken, but some authors have adopted the malagasy spelling in english.