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Chris Cole

Chris Cole

Chris cole, director of drone wars uk ella knight, campaigner at amnesty international rachel stohl, vice president at the stimson center elke schwarz, lecturer in political theory at queen marys, university of london campaigning autonomy, campaigning, drones, international controls, proliferation 1 comment. Online event 27 october drone warfare today, tomorrow, forever? 0910.

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Cole parted ways with zero on june 27, 2014, after three years as a shareholder and 13 years as a team rider.

chris cole

Chris cole is the founder and lead trader of the profitable trading club market keys, and teaches new and seasoned investors how to create a better lifestyle through trading financial markets. Chris holds over a decade of experience in the financial markets and is a leader in the retail trading industry. Hes taught and mentored over 50 students who are all full-time traders today.

In late june 2013, cole won the gold medal at the street league skateboarding contest at the munich leg of the x games.

Chris Cole

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Chris cole (born march 10, 1982) is a professional skateboarder. As of september 2020, his sponsors are fallen footwear, monster energy, bones bearings, cult crew, thunder trucks, spitfire wheels, stance, kershaw knives, grizzly griptape, gopro, indian motorcycles, cbdmd, remind insoles, and most recently zero skateboards in september 2020.